What is it: Amber Room?


Are you looking some unique? Do you want feel some amazing?


Amber therapy is the new patented method of treatment.

Amber Therapy Room is room, where walls, ceilings and floor are coated with an appropriate layer of unpolished Amber. In this room are made easy respiratory exercises to relieve negative ion intake, massage of bioactive points with natural amber gemstone massagers, which facilitates the ingestion of amber acid and stimulates regeneration and healing of damaged organs.

Amber Room are patented products which are valid in all Worlds. Patent number are PCT/RU2003/000071.  In the World are only five original Therapeutic Rooms: one in Tokyo (Japan), three in Russia (Ufa, Sankt Peterburg and Svietlogorsk), and in our company, in Kaunas (Lithuania). The Amber Room in Kaunas are much more new. It was created on 2015 year and are 12 msize. So it are only 2 years old. In productions of this room was used 1 ton of genuine raw Baltic amber which was obtain from ground in Kaliningrad (Russia).

In Amber Room you will not find:

  • Glossy interior which are specific to luxury SPA;
  • Grandeur  and high prices;
  • Fake amber products

Here you will find (we are promise):

  • Amazing impressions;
  • Unique photos;
  • Big doze of power for your body;
  • Very competent prices;
  • Only original (patented) amber products


About us

About us. Who we are?

We are:

  • Owners of Therapeutic Amber Room which was made by patent of Prof. J.I. Kopylova (Patent number PCT/RU2003/000071. In the World are only five original Therapeutics Rooms (one in Japan, three in Russia and one in our company, in Europe);
  • Patent owners of Therapeutic Amber Pillows and Amber Back Belt (Patent number 5468);
  • Worldwide distributor of company „Anicton“ (Patent author of amber acid, patent number 2165160 and Patent author of ethereal amber oil, patent number 2210590). Only this amber acid and amber oil are use in medicine and cosmetology;
  • Worldwide distributor of company „Stone of the Sun“ (Patent owner of crushed amber („Amber powder’, „Peeling mask of amber“, „Amber scrub“), patent number 2233159);
  • We are not only Business Company, but the same we are alliance peoples which are study, create healing products, ingredients and healing methods with natural Baltic Amber. All ingredients and products are patented.

Welcome to us and feel the amber power!

Do not miss the opportunity to see the real Amber Room. This is your chance


Amber procedures. Amazing experience in Amber Room!

The main procedure in Amber Room are  spend time inside room and breathe air which are replete with negative air ions.

What you can to do in Amber room? You can do all what you like: lie on amber floor and relax, sit and read the book, made some meditation exercises or other occupation.  The main task – to be inside and breathe.

How many time you need to be in the Amber Room? It are your design. Minimum time are half hour, but we recommend spend not less such one hour. One hour are optimal time  to imbibe negative air ions and feel some effects to our body.

Do you need to wear special clothes in Amber Room? Yes, for hygienic request you will need wear special dungarees. This dungarees you will need wear on your naked body (with underwear). This dungarees you will can buy from us. It coast 3 eur.

Can you order some additional procedures? Yes of course. In our company are work masseur with medical degree. So, you can order classical body massage, classical back massage or head massage. These massages will be made in Amber Room and in massage period you will be alone (no other visitors).

What is it Amber bath? It is one of many procedures with amber. In amber Room the human are bury with warm amber. It are very profit for peoples which has problems with muscles, articular or back. Procedure time are half hour and client are alone in Amber Room  (no other visitors).


Prices in Amber Room

Procedure Price Dungarees Time in Room Total
30 min. in Amber Room 10 eur + 3 eur = 13 eur
60 min. in Amber Room 20 eur + 3 eur = 23 eur
Amber mask and face massage 45 eur + 20 eur = 65 eur
Back massage with crushed amber 55 eur + 20 eur = 75 eur
Amber gloves 50 eur + 20 eur = 70 eur
Relaxing Back Massage 35 eur + 20 eur = 55 eur
Classic facial massage 25 eur + 20 eur = 45 eur
Head massage 25 eur + 20 eur = 45 eur
Neck and shoulder massage 25 eur + 20 eur = 45 eur
Legs muscle massage 30 eur + 20 eur = 50 eur
„Amber bath“ 30 min. 65 eur + 3 eur = 68 eur
„Amber bath“ 60 min. 85 eur + 3 eur = 88 eur

If you have some questions, feel free and contact with us by phone +370 687 48992 or write to us info[eta]amber-room.lt.


How to find us? Which are Amber room address?

Contact with us are simple as two times two

  • You can call to us (speak in LT; RU; EN):
    For registrations to Amber Room or questions: +370 (37) 770883;
    Mobile phone for registration to procedures in Amber Room: +370 (687) 48992;
  • You can write to us:
    For registration to Amber Room: orders[eta]amber-room.lt;
    For consultations and information: info[eta]amber-room.lt


  • You can come to us:
    Our (Amber Room)  address are: Algirdo str. 54, Kaunas, LT-50157, Lithuania