Negative ions

Affecting of human body with negative ions

Negative ions (aero ions) are negatively charged microscopic particles of the air. They appear under effect of high amount of energy on atom or molecule. In order to provide normal functioning for human or animal body it is necessary that negative ions of oxygen, i.e. superoxide anions, would be available in the air together with usual molecules of oxygen.

The reason of ionization of atmosphere gases in the nature is considered to be cosmic rays, radioactive elements of lithosphere and atmosphere, UV radiation and electric discharges (thunder). There is a big amount of superoxide’s near the sea due to swell of sea water.

Various experiments

Various experiments have been carried out. Experiments with rats have proved that negative ions has positive impact and vice versa. Death-rate of rats, participated in sessions of air ionization with negative ions, was 9 times lower compared with control group. Negative aero ions increased mobility of rats, their appetite, weight and genital activity, improved quality of their fur, increased resistance towards infections and prolonged their life more than by 40%. Air ionization with positive ions during a month was the reason of mortality of even 60% of experimental animals. Already during the first days of the experiment appetite of rats has dropped, depression has occurred and mobility has been reduced in line with general dyspepsia. It is safe to say that negative aero ions of oxygen have positive impact and positive aero ions lead to distress.

The beginning of any disease is disorder of metabolism within human cells, which occurs due to reduction of their negative discharge. Negative discharge may be restored by breathing in the air, containing a big amount of negative aero ions of oxygen. After getting into lungs they penetrate into blood and are being distributed throughout the whole body at the same time restoring negative discharge of cells and stimulating metabolism in line with impact of anti thrombosis. Currently it is safe to say that superoxide anions perform a regulatory function within human body.

A.L. Chizevskij substantiated…

It is enough for human being to spend several minutes in Amber Therapy Room in order to increase energy potential in cells and to preserve it at the sufficient level for a long time. Systematic respiration of the air, enriched with oxygen aero ions, slowed aging of live organisms and prolongs their life. This was proved long time ago by A.L. Chizevskij. As time runs discharge of electrostatic systems of human body occurs (reduction of the capacity of membrane potential) in line with reduction of ionization of cytoplasm. Mentioned occurrences finally result in enlargement of biocolloids, dehydration and consolidation of protoplasm, deteriorating nutrition and energy balance within human tissues. These physical-chemical modifications are typical of aging. But constant influence of negative oxygen aero ions slow down progressive electro discharge of tissues and aging of human being and grants several additional years of life.

Negative oxygen ions restore energy within blood corpuscles thus blood circulation normalizes. Experiments have proved out that at the moment of breath in of aero ions blood vessels become elastic, prevention of formation of atherosclerosis plagues occurs. Accordingly negative oxygen ions have effects of anti thrombosis and anti atherosclerotic, which helps to prevent risk of cardio-vascular diseases. Treatment of hypertonia with the help of oxygen ions according to A.L. Chizevskij reduces arterial blood pressure by 10-20 units event after the first session. After blood pressure is likely to increase till the initial level and after 30-35 sessions it is likely to normalize. Besides, successful results have been determined by the badness of initial state of patients.

„Active oxygen“

Japanese scientists have introduced the theory claiming that if a person is in the room, saturated with negative ions, under their influence human body produces anti-oxidant called Ubiquinole. Ubiquinole destroys highly active molecules and ions, released from oxygen. These compounds are called „active oxygen”. Active oxygen damages cell proteins and thus stimulates the process, which leads to formation of cancer tumors’. But Ubiquinole affects active oxygen much earlier than beginning of its impact on proteins, i.e. makes it harmless. In 1931 French scientist F. Vles has discovered that during presence of animals under conditions of negative ions, development of spontaneous cancer is being reduced more than by 10 times. Placing of rats suffering from cancer into cages with surplus of aero ions, resulted in disappearance of their tumors. In 1951 American scientists also has proved that negative aeroions prevents growth of transplanted cancer tumors’ for animals. A.L Tchizevski supposed that development of tumors may be determined by systematic shortage of aero ions, a person meets constantly. This results in troubles of energy balance, reduction of energy potential and cause premature ageing, which provides medium for malignant growth. Oxygen aero ions increases energy balance in mucosa membrane of gastrointestinal tract more than by 50%, which in turn improves rates of regeneration and eliminates ulcerative injuries.

Air without ions is like food without vitamins.

Air with aero ions lack and its electrical insufficiency lead to hypoxia, including all its consequences. Therefore the air of country side, in a forest or near the sea or mountains is considered to be healthy. As example comparative values of air saturation with negative ions in various places is presented below:

Air of city flats 50-100 Aero ions/сm3
Air of city streets 100-500 Aero ions/сm3
Air in the forest or near the sea 1000-5000 Aero ions/сm3
Air of mountain health resorts More than 5000 Aero ions/сm3
Amber therapy room Level seeks 6330 Aero ions/сm3


Opened windows, ventilation and conditioning system have no essential effect on state of aero ions in premises. Currently ellectroefluvial aero ionizers are especially popular (aero ionizers or so called “Lustres of Chizevskij”). Currently they are being manufactured in various regions of Russia. However even certificated models are applied only for sanitary but not for remedial purposes. Besides, different manufacturers produce aero ionizers based on various principles of operation (with constant or momentum modes of generation of oxygen aero ions), which requires to study consequences of their influence and manners of application. Also during performance of aero ionization particles of dust are being charged, which lately precipitates out on wall and furniture. Thus is formation of heavy ions, which are capable of damaging the organism.

Negatively charged environment of Amber Therapy Room is being acquired absolutely naturally, particles of are ions are being distributed uniformly and also danger of formation of heavy ions is eliminated. Over dosage of light ions is impossible because blood is not capable of assimilating a bigger part of oxygen molecules as it is determined by the number of molecules of hemoglobin, which distribute oxygen throughout cells and everything that can not be assimilated by imbibed by blood will breathed out. It has not been observed even a single event of deterioration of human health under influence of aero ions.