Amber Acid in combating ageing


Processes of ageing

Sensitivity to atmospheric pressure and change of weather, feeling of distress and lack of self-confidence, failure to concentrate and forget foulness are not considered as illnesses and signs of approaching of old age, but they are the main indicators of Amber Acid’s deficit. Changes in human body under the influence of old age are serious and manifold. However many of them are related with reduction of intensification of the processes for providing energy for vital functions of human body. Preparations of Amber Acid are capable of preventing dangerous oxidation of lipids as well as during the short period of time to restore memory and physical workability, to optimize regulatory mechanisms and metabolism of human body. Under such influence “senile diseases” are likely to fall back resulting in normalization of sleep and eliminating of side effect of pharmaceuticals for these who uses them.
It is safe to say that Amber Acid is effective, harmless natural remedy for prolongation of active life till old age.
Pursuant to current speculations on processes of ageing, long life is determined by the impact of genetic and environmental factors. Genetic impact is determined by nature.

First steps of aging

First steps of aging depend on multiplication of cells. Quick multiplication – restoration – occurs only in young age. Existence of a cell is not long lasting; they all are subject to disappearance after their mission. They accumulate energy and transfer it for the human body. Later a new cell comes to the place of old one. Aging of human body occurs at the extent of cells and only after that it became visible in general. Rejuvenation also must begin at the extent of cells.
The first reason of ageing is disorder of capillaceous balance. Upon disorder of blood circulation within tissues, hypostatic occurrences around weak and sick cells are being formed as a certain boundary preventing inflow of nutrients and accumulating residuals of vital functions. Damaged area is filled with toxins; ageing occupies more and more space in human body.

The second step

The second step is liver. It performs a function of blood filter, which comes from intestines. Toxins gained access through intestinal walls, combines and are being channeled back to intestines with bile in order to be eliminated from the organism or are being eliminated at the expense of the next step, i.e. cleaning of kidneys.
Toxins are being accumulated within connective tissue, i.e. fat tissue of human body. If the present manner of inner ablution is insufficient, toxins are eliminated with phlegm via throat, nose and after via lungs and skin.
As seen above it is necessary to maintain protective system in operative condition for acceleration of elimination of dead cells from human body and improvement of vascular supply. Amber Acid here ideally suits.

Search for the reason at the extent of cells

Condition of human body is directly connected with condition of mitochondrion within the cells of tissues. Under different pathological conditions energy function of mitochondrion are markedly reduced. Researches involved in the present phenomenon have been carried out in various laboratories worldwide during several years. Currently the present scientific trend gained special attention in relation with determination of relation between mechanism of disorder and injuries of DNA of mitochondrion. The reason lies in disorder of the process of oxidation. Due to its development irreversible alteration are likely to occur within a cell. It has been clarified that disorder of oxidation and energy balance concerns heredity mechanism of a cell.
A big number of various serious diseases are related with mutations of cellular DNA. Factually the group of diseases has been highlighted, which may be called mitochondrion diseases. These are illnesses of nervous system (neurodegenerative), Parkinson’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease and disorders someway or other involved in disorder of tissues – cardiomyopathy, diabetes and muscular dystrophy.
Amber Acid may be used as antioxidant, especially effective within human body channeled towards impact of mitochondrion. It is deemed that usage of Amber Acid is involved in majority of hopes in combating these destructive diseases.
Namely Amber Acid is the remedy, which has effect of rejuvenation. Due to its usage the elderly may meet their venerable age as they deserved, i.e. worthily, but not in combating against diseases and constantly searching for medicine.