Impact of Amber Acid on gynecological diseases


About protection of woman’s organism

The inflammatory cases are the most frequent occurrences of the gynecological cases. The inflammation of the pudendum and vagina are possible.

The treatment of such inflammations consists of the etiology of the disease and of supporting the protective functions of the organism. For this purpose bio-stimulants are effective, where Amber Acid is likely to be the most efficient.

The colpytis is vaginal mucous infection. It may arise due to infectious effect of microorganisms, due to metabolic disturbance and in the case of harmonic insufficiency (premature menopause, when the ovarian are removed in elderly age). For instance premature menopause is firstly related to the disorder of the activity thyroid gland. As it has been proved out by the clinical studies, the Amber Acid somehow normalizes the function of the thyroid gland, and it has no any effect for the normally behaving thyroid gland.

The cervical erosion is the disease of cervical tissues. Amber Acid is very helpful for the treatment of the present disease. Amber Acid strengthens metabolism of the tissues. For this reason the reconstructive processes occur faster and the treatment becomes more effective.

Amber Acid also helps during incipiency of ovarian cysts, endometriosis, fibromas or myomas (benign tumour of uterus). If a person starts using Amber Acid timely the expansion of the tumour may be stopped. The surgical treatment is used to eliminate malignant tumours. Amber Acid may speed up the regeneration of the functions of human body after surgical interference. It also prevents possible renovation of tumour.

The amber has its own “favoured diseases”. It rescues from the present diseases very effectively. The most efficient amber is under the cases of mastopathy, cyst, myoma, or sterility. The amber effect during mastophaty, cyst or tumours of other nature, including malignant tumour, is firstly associated with the retardation of the pathological mythosis. Thanks to it, the tumour becomes a collection of the dead cells and disappears in a course of time.

Amber Acid is also effective in treatment of the sterility. If sterility is associated with the adhesive processes of small pelvis, positive results are available. Amber Acid, firstly, carries out the function of resolving. Amber Acid improves metabolism of the tissues, improves the circulation of blood, thus it forms the remedial effect.

The harmonic changes during the pregnancy

The appropriate harmonic balance forms in the woman’s organism as delivery approaches. Hormones are biologically active substances, which control the metabolism of the organism, the functional state of organs and systems. The hormones, which regulate delivery process, carry weight not only on physiological processes but also on women’s emotional condition, her behavior during the process of delivery.

Amber Acid eases the hormonic changes of the mother’s organism, helps to satisfy the enlarged need of energy, holds the activity of the immune system, prevents toxicosis, and lowers the risk of various complications during pregnancy, thus the foetus developes under optimal conditions. It gets enough oxygen and nutrition substances. The firmed placental cover preserves foetus from the various toxins, germs and viruses. Thus the number of malformation decreases signally; the process of delivery becomes shorter and easier. During the postnatal period the Amber Acid helps to restore woman’s organism faster and increases production of milk.

Amber Acid against the delivery infections

Amber Acid rises to the top not only because of sustentive features but also because of remedial features! It is very important to emphasize the role of Amber Acid during such serious complication of the gestation period, which is called herpetic infection. The biggest risk of this infection is the growth of the inner hypoxia (oxygen insufficiency) and the infection of the foetus.

The prenatal hypoxia may have serious results. The newborn’s immunity and other processes of metabolism become weak therefore the syndrome of respiratory disorder may be developed.

Generally Amber Acid positively influences all the processes of the metabolism. The pathology of the lungs, blood or kidneys is not being observed. The protection of the embryo under the influence of Amber Acid is undeniable. If there is a danger of serious pregnancy complications, the doctors should keep a close watch on women, and she should be treated properly, but the use of nutritions supplements on the basis is Amber Acid may show supporting effect.

Amber Acid will always help women to prepare for the pregnancy. When parents to-be use nutrition supplements based on Amber Acid, they not only vouchsafe their health and sense of joyful life but also lay the foundation for their future child’s health. The Amber Acid invigorates, helps in combating against toxicosis, and decreases distress during pregnancy. Thus long-awaited pregnancy will not be suffering.