About us

About us. Who we are?

We are:

  • Owners of Therapeutic Amber Room which was made by patent of Prof. J.I. Kopylova (Patent number PCT/RU2003/000071. In the World are only five original Therapeutics Rooms (one in Japan, three in Russia and one in our company, in Europe);
  • Patent owners of Therapeutic Amber Pillows and Amber Back Belt (Patent number 5468);
  • Worldwide distributor of company „Anicton“ (Patent author of amber acid, patent number 2165160 and Patent author of ethereal amber oil, patent number 2210590). Only this amber acid and amber oil are use in medicine and cosmetology;
  • Worldwide distributor of company „Stone of the Sun“ (Patent owner of crushed amber („Amber powder’, „Peeling mask of amber“, „Amber scrub“), patent number 2233159);
  • We are not only Business Company, but the same we are alliance peoples which are study, create healing products, ingredients and healing methods with natural Baltic Amber. All ingredients and products are patented.

Welcome to us and feel the amber power!

Do not miss the opportunity to see the real Amber Room. This is your chance