Amber procedures. Amazing experience in Amber Room!

The main procedure in Amber Room are  spend time inside room and breathe air which are replete with negative air ions.

What you can to do in Amber room? You can do all what you like: lie on amber floor and relax, sit and read the book, made some meditation exercises or other occupation.  The main task – to be inside and breathe.

How many time you need to be in the Amber Room? It are your design. Minimum time are half hour, but we recommend spend not less such one hour. One hour are optimal time  to imbibe negative air ions and feel some effects to our body.

Do you need to wear special clothes in Amber Room? Yes, for hygienic request you will need wear special dungarees. This dungarees you will need wear on your naked body (with underwear). This dungarees you will can buy from us. It coast 3 eur.

Can you order some additional procedures? Yes of course. In our company are work masseur with medical degree. So, you can order classical body massage, classical back massage or head massage. These massages will be made in Amber Room and in massage period you will be alone (no other visitors).

What is it Amber bath? It is one of many procedures with amber. In amber Room the human are bury with warm amber. It are very profit for peoples which has problems with muscles, articular or back. Procedure time are half hour and client are alone in Amber Room  (no other visitors).